About Program

The Executive Program in Fintech and Applied Financial Analytics is specifically designed for professionals and recent graduates in commerce & engineering who aspire to carve their career in the field of financial technology and analytics. This program provides a comprehensive understanding of the intersection between finance and technology, equipping participants with the necessary tools to excel in the rapidly evolving financial industry. This immersive certification program is meticulously crafted to prepare participants for diverse roles in the financial industry, including FinTech startups, traditional financial institutions, consulting firms, and regulatory agencies.

6 Months of immersive learning from experienced faculty members of IIM Kashipur

Industry aligned curriculum to learn intersection between finance, analytics & technology

Class discussions, cases, hands- on-projects, interactive & engaging sessions to clear doubts

Convenient online weekend sessions for flexible learning & better time management

Program certificate jointly issued by IIM Kashipur & NSE Academy

Program Objectives

Build Strong Foundation

Provides a solid foundation in accounting principles, financial analysis and stock valuation so participants can accurately understand and interpret financial data.

Explore Cutting-Edge Technologies

Introduce participants to blockchain technology and how it can be used in finance, making sure they understand the basics and how DLLs can be used in different financial environments.

Develop Analytical Skills

Improves participants' analytical skills by teaching advanced techniques in time series analysis, derivatives analysis, and credit risk assessment.

Foster Innovation and Creativity

Encourage innovative thinking and creativity in digital lending, blockchain applications, and financial analytics to develop innovative solutions for the ever-changing financial technology landscape.

Understand Digital Currencies and Digital Lending

Learn about digital currencies like Bitcoin and how they can be used in new lending models like P2P loans.

Hands-on Exercises and Practical Application

Facilitate hands-on learning experiences and real-world projects, enabling participants to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios to enhance problem-solving abilities.

  Why do professionals aspire to learn Fintech and Analytics?  

Unparalleled Demand

Fintech professionals are in demand globally, and India is a key player in this rapidly growing sector, passing through digital transformation revolution.

Specialized Skills

Acquire in-demand specialized skills valued by financial institutions, fintech startups, core IT sector, manufacturing and consulting firms among others.

Diverse Career Opportunities

Professionals can pursue diverse career paths, ranging from BFSI and NBFC companies to agile startups and across the IT, manufacturing and service sectors.

Competitive Salaries

Professionals with Fintech expertise often command competitive salaries due to the specialized nature of their skill set.

Innovation to the Core

Be at the forefront of the financial innovation wave transforming organizations across industries, contributing to and benefiting from groundbreaking advancements.

Program Benefits

Relevance in a Changing Landscape

Stay ahead in an ever-evolving financial sector by acquiring skills that align with current industry demands.

Career Advancement

Unlock diverse career paths and enhance professional outlook by showcasing specialized skills in Fintech and Applied Financial Analytics.

Foundation for Future Growth

Lay foundation for sustainable career development and growth in the dynamic field of Fintech.


Connect with fellow professionals and potential collaborators, expanding your professional network.

Tailored Career Kickstart

Gain a foothold in the fintech industry and launch your career with a skill set specifically tailored to meet the demands of the Fintech industry.

Bridge the Academic-Industry Gap

Seamless transition from academia to the professional realm by gaining practical, industry-relevant skills.

Competitive Edge

Stand out in a competitive job market with practical, hands-on skills that demonstrate your ability to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world challenges.

Program Directors


Dr Dilip Kumar

PhD in Finance
Chartered Financial Analyst
16+ Years of Teaching Experience
Prof. Dilip Kumar is an Associate Professor in the Finance and Accounting area at the Indian Institute of Management Kashipur. He holds a doctorate in Finance from the Institute for Financial Management and Research (IFMR), Chennai. He has more than 16 years of teaching and research experience. He is also involved in various executive education programs on risk management and financial analytics.
His research interest includes risk management, systemic risk modelling, volatility estimation and volatility modelling, and ESG aspect of business. His teaching interests include financial analytics, risk management, financial derivatives and corporate finance.

Program Contents

Understanding Fintech: Evolution and Impact

Applied Financial Analytics: Role in Modern Decision-Making

Regulatory Landscape in Fintech

Navigating Compliance and Legal Considerations

Ethical Implications of Fintech

Basics of Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash flow statement)

Analysis of Financial Statement

Predicting Corporate Bankruptcy

Detecting Patterns in Financial Statements

Time Value of Money (Future value, present value, annuity, perpetuity)

Net Present Value (NPV)

Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

Payback Period and Discounted Payback Period

Financial Model Exercise for Project Feasibility Evaluation and Financing

Making Capital Investment Decisions

Dividend Discount Model

Return, Risk, Covariance, Risk Premium

Return on Equity, Security Market Line (CAPM) (Cost of equity), Cost of Debt, Analysis of Beta, Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)

Discounted Cash Flow Method (Free cash flow to firm-based approach)

Relative Valuation

Autoregressive (AR) Model, Moving average (MA) Model, ARMA Model, GARCH Model

GJR-GARCH an d EGARCH Model : Forecasting and Evaluation.

Implications of These Models in Implementing Trading Strategies

Futures and Forwards (Hedging and speculation, Mark-to-market, Futures/Forward Pricing, Cross- Hedging),

Options (Hedging and Speculation using Options, Option Trading Strategies, Option Pricing, Delta Hedging, Delta-Gamma Hedging)

Blockchain Basics & Architecture

Crypto Primitives

Payments and Secure Trading

Compliance and Mortgage

Financial Trades

Basics of Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency in a Portfolio

Structural Flaws and Risks

Peer-to-Peer Lending and

P2P Marketplace Lending Business

Model Consumer Lending

Credit Scoring

Probability of Default


Credit VaR Estimation


The program will be largely taught through class discussions followed by hands-on sessions to build the necessary skills in the participants. The participants will be expected to consult reading materials, work on exercises and assignments, deliver presentations and participate in other evaluation components that will be designed to reinforce the learning outcomes. The program will be delivered by faculty members from prestigious institutions like IIM Kashipur practitioners. Throughout the duration of the course, students will have the flexibility to reach out to the professors on real time during the class or offline to raise questions and clear doubts.

Evaluation Methodology

IIM Kashipur will evaluate all the participants based on

  • Quizzes
  • Assignments
  • Project Work/ Final Examination

The evaluation process is completely online.


Certificate of Completion (CoC)

(a.) A minimum of 60% attendance is required to qualify for CoC.

(b.) Score minimum 50% marks overall in

  • Quizzes
  • Assignments
  • Project Work/ Final Examination
Certificate of Participation (CoP)

Participants will receive CoP if the criteria for CoC is not fulfilled.

Eligibility & Prerequisite

Ideal For

This program is designed for participants with varying levels of knowledge, providing foundation for beginners while offering advanced topics and practical applications for experienced professionals. It caters to a wide audience keen on the complexities of FinTech and applied financial analytics. The Program is ideal for:

Professionals in the Financial Industry

Technology Enthusiasts and Innovators

Entrepreneurs and Start-up Enthusiasts

Data Analysts and Scientists

Regulatory and Compliance Professionals

Consultants and Advisors

Recent Graduates and Career Switchers

Professionals from Diverse Backgrounds

Faculty Members and Teachers

Professionals from Non-Financial Sectors

Program Schedule

6 Month Saturday 7:00 PM To 9:30 PM Live and Direct- To-Device NSE Knowledge Hub

Program Fee

Details Participants Fee Total Programme Fees
Admission Fees INR 10,000 + 18% GST INR 11,800
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Program Fee INR 95,000 + 18% GST INR 1,12,100

All Fees are payable by Student directly to NSE Academy.

EMI Options and Scholarships Available on Limited Seats.

Alumni Membership is Optional with a Fee of Rs. 10,000/- payable directly to IIIM Kashipur

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The fee paid is non-transferable and non-refundable.

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